Are you a dermatologist, psychologist or psychiatrist working with skin patients? If you want to acquire or develop your knowledge you can benefit from the teaching of well-known experts in the field.

Every year a Basic course and an Advanced course are offered in Brussels. A first degree can be reached by following 2 courses. This is the level all dermatologist or healthcare professionals working with skin patients should acquire. If you want to become a psychodermatologist or skin-psychologist/psychiatrist, you should follow 2 additional workshops.

A Diploma granted by the European Society for Dermatology and Psychiatry (ESDaP) will be delivered for the 2 first levels after an evaluation of knowledge and skills. A third level could be reached by submitting a psychotherapist certificate (preferably the European Certificate of Psychotherapy) or the one necessary in your country. In the future we plan to have these courses available and recognized in different countries and languages, as we are working together with the professional associations in different parts of the world.

Online courses for the Diploma of Psychodermatology

Thank you for your interest in the ESDaP diploma.
The courses will be online this year as it was last year. Usually, the participants follow one course a year and we recommend it. However, we accept 2 courses successively if it is in the same level. This will need hard work. And this is depending on a free place as the group from last year will probably continue. Actually, you will be on a waiting list.

Due to the pandemic situation, we have been working hard to prepare 3 online courses. These courses were a mixed bag of online meetings during the 3 days already planned and homework the participants had to do.

These assignments were for the 2 advanced courses preparing lessons on different topics in pairs and presenting a clinical case and their lessons. For the basic course it was only a clinical case to present. There was also a role playing and other communication exercises to realize through video meetings. All these were of amazing quality !

The large scale of local times could allow us to have only 2 to 3 hours a day together. Effectively our participants were from Europe but also Argentina, Mexico, India and Singapore !

The Basic course, the first step to the ESDaP Diploma in psychodermatology, was given for the first time with participants we didn’t see face to face earlier. It ran also very well and the atmosphere was friendly and warm, as we are used to in the face-to-face courses.

Since last year 30 participants residents or practitioners in dermatology, psychology and psychiatry are following the steps to the ESDaP Diploma in Psychodermatology.

This year we will continue with the online courses.

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